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Where to Get the Best Deals When Selling Textbooks


Selling Textbooks

Well, jokes apart, Selling your Textbooks that have been used is a good way to earn extra money on something that you don’t really need anymore. Let us give you some reasons why selling your used textbooks is a very beneficial thing for you and the other student.

How to sell textbooks online?

Selling textbooks have become easier now with the internet being the biggest marketplace. Which is why knowing where and how to sell the textbooks online is very important. There are major websites/ market platforms where one can sell textbooks. Let us give you an example of how to sell textbooks online on a given website.

a. First, register to an account with the website
b. After verification, you will be notified
c. Next, you will have to enter the ISBN number or the Barcode
d. You will soon receive an offer to sell the book or load of books via that platform
e. Upon accepting it, you will be asked to send them the books
f. Soon after the website receives your book(s), they deliver the payment
g. The online platform then deals with the resale of the book(s)

Well, that is a very simple way to sell textbooks online, be it used or new. This way you can make some extra money out of selling your used textbooks. It is a way of helping out another fellow student, while getting paid. Selling textbooks have been made so easy to do.


Chegg was founded in 2005. They are an online company that offer multiple services to students. Chegg offer online tutoring, Scholarships, Internship, and textbooks. They sell and buy used or new textbooks to and from students. To sell in their site, you have to register a free account and lookup the book ISBN number. They will give you the price amount once you have located the right book. If you accept the terms, you will be prompted to print out the shipping details. Shipping the textbook is free.


BookScout was founded in 2007. They are an online marketplace were students can buy and sell their textbooks. They offer competitive prices for used textbooks. How bookscout work is, they show you all the prices that different vendors are willing to pay for your used textbooks. They have vendors like amazon, chegg, Powell’s, etc..They also offer a quarterly 500 dollars book scholarship for a selected student.


Bookfinder was founded in 1997. They are a website that helps people find books online. They have a wide range of different books in there catalog not just textbooks. Like bookscout, they operate like a free market place were you can look at different prices from different vendors. With bookfinders you can buy or sell the textbook of your choice.


Textbookrush was founded in 2002. Like chegg, you can buy, sell and rent textbooks at a competitive price. In order to sell your used textbook, you have to create a free account. One cool thing about textbookrush is that during your checkout you can choose between receiving store credits or cash for your used textbook.


Amazon was founded in 1994. As student you can buy, sell and rent textbooks on amazon. One thing that sets amazon apart from the rest is that you can either sell your book to amazon directly or you can use the amazon platform to sell your book. The pros and cons of both choices is that if you sell your book to amazon directly, you don’t have to worry about waiting for someone to order maybe two weeks from the posting date, but in return you have to accept amazon’s asking price. If you sell the textbook on the platform, you can charge anything you want, but theirs the possibility of the customer asking for a refund.


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