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What to wear to an interview and what not to wear!


What to wear to an interview

Interviews play a pivotal part in every person’s life, especially in their professional life. You can’t really expect to present yourself in a mundane way and snag the job. That is not how it works. What you are wearing and how you are presenting yourself play a very crucial role. The impactful first impression is a must when it comes to interviews. Your clothing is the first thing that the interviewer is going to see, so make sure its defining.

In this article, we are going to divert our focus on the things on what to wear to an interview and outfits to avoid.

What to wear?

We are going to start the realm off with the outfits that one can and should actually wear to an interview. Then, we’ll proceed to the don’ts. It is important to be very assured of the kind of firm or organization that you are going for an interview to. The kind of company is what decides what you wear. If it’s on the corporate side, dress more appropriately and if it’s casual throw on a pair of jeans and you are sorted.


This is the epitome of what every corporate employee looks like, irrespective of their gender. Both men and women in the higher strata of corporate companies stick to wearing suits. Pair that especially with a crisply ironed shirt underneath and maybe a tie for the guys.

Not just that, guys often even reach out for a waistcoat to accentuate their appearance. So, if you are going for an interview with a corporate company that’s very formal, try and stick to a suit and a pair of boots.

Business casual

These are the kind of companies that are not that formal and have an ongoing informal vibe to their office. The same is also reflected in their work process. If you are going for an interview with one of these, opting for an easy business casual outfit can actually do the trick for you.

Now, it is always best to make a call to confirm for a fact the kind of dress code the company follows and if they are on the less formal side of the pole, wear a pair of khakis with a well-ironed solid coloured shirt. For girls, even you can opt for a well-fitted trouser and tuck in a well-pressed shirt for that casual yet slight formal look.

Casual interview

Now, don’t get deterred, there are actually companies which have a casual attire protocol and don’t really pay much heed to what their employees wear. The only thing they care about is the productivity of the employees. If you are going for an interview in one such company, make sure that you are dressed casually, but not something by the lines of “reckless and careless.”

Pair your best pair of jeans with some polo or even a good quality shirt or t-shirt and that should do the track. For girls, just put on the similar kind of jeans and top vibe or even wear a cute dress or skirt. Wear anything that showcases your personality and gives off a confident vibe through it.

What not to wear?

Now, let it be known that while the question of “what to wear to an interview” is not much of a hassle, what not to wear needs more focus and attention. The concept of what not to wear to an interview doesn’t just limit to clothes. The same can also be of accessories that you should avoid at all costs.

Bright flashy colors

The last thing you want to wear to an interview is the bright red dress that you bought last year. Let it be kept aside just for special occasions. Bright colors take the focus off of you. This is definitely not something you want to experience while you are sitting in front of your interviewers, right? And even if you plan to wear something bright, ensure that it’s subdued by the other components of the outfit and is not too “on your face.”

Blazer needs a good companion

Many people often tend to think that just slathering a blazer on top is the only definition of “proper and formal”. It’s not. If you are wearing a blazer, make sure that you wear something appropriate under it. Just a plain vest or a camisole is not going to make up for the “formal” that you are trying to seek with that outfit.

Go light handed with the perfume

You can either make people love the perfume you are using or you can end up giving them a headache. Make sure that you don’t do the second. If you are opting for an interview, try and limit the amount of perfume you apply. Opt for a subtle one because you never know what kind of scent your interviewer might actually hate.

Careful with the casuals

As mentioned before, there are actually companies which have casual attire as their dress code. But there is a lot that can go wrong when you misinterpret what “casual” is. If it’s your first time in the building of the company and your first interview there, you definitely don’t want to give off the “I could care less” vibe with your clothes.

Casual is nice. For your interview, if you are wearing shorts and a Hawaiian themed shirt, you are going to end up getting rejected.

Keep up with the trends

Majority of the companies are looking for employees who are well updated with the ongoing trends. Nobody wants to hire someone who is stuck back in the 80s. If your wardrobe is a bit “outdated”, it is time to switch it up for the interview.

Interview outfits are important because they decide your fate of getting the job. Dress smart and dress according to what you are comfortable in. If you yourself are uncomfortable in what you are wearing, your interviewer will sense it. After all, the first impression is the last impression, right?

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