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Top Paying Jobs for Psychology Major


Psychology Degree

Psychology involves the study of mind and behavior. It is a multi-faceted disciple and deals with many subfields which range from social behavior to sport health and more.

Psychologists study the emotional, cognitive and social behavior and processes of humans by observing, recording, identifying and interpreting how people relate to each other and also to the environment they live in. They also conduct laboratory experiments, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis along with administering performance, aptitude or intelligence tests. All these aid in improving behaviors and processes.

Psychology involves the field of clinical psychology, cognitive neuroscience, behavioral neuroscience, health psychology, quantitative psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology and social psychology

Jobs for Psychology Major

Careers Median Salary
Psychologist $74,000
Clinical Psychologist $77,000
School Psychologist $60,000
Research Specialist $45,000
Research Assistant $38,000
Program Assistant, Non-Profit Organization $39,000
Behavioral Health Specialist $49,000
Behavioral Health Director $83,000
Mental Health Director $63,000
Psychometrist $43,000
Human Resources (HR) Generalist $52,000
Human Resources (HR) Manager $65,000
Ombudsman $56,000
Psychology Professor $80,000

Skills of a psychologist

• Communication in the field of psychology is important because it is important to be able to talk to clients and in turn listen to them so that their patients can tell their problems clearly. This open communication fosters trust which is required in therapy especially. But written communication is also necessary while doing research and having to present findings either through publications or through public presentations where the ability for public speaking plays a role.

• Being able to be good with numbers is necessary since large amount of data has to be interpreted, especially by researchers. Psychologists need to be able to summarize those using statistical equations so as to carry out their observations and then ultimately come to conclusions regarding events. It is relevant to whether it is significant for the human population as a whole and how it could aid particular psychologists in treating their clients.

• Research is a skill which is important across the board and especially in a field like psychology. Like while conducting experiments the psychologist will have to look back on what other researchers had done before and what results came out. Knowing what happened and how it happened is important in going forward and actually improving upon the experiment. This is done by pouring over the scientific journals out there and then finding out the information needed and then figuring out what is needed.

• Psychology is a professional where people are heavily involved and with this comes the need for ethics and kindness. Psychologists have an enormous responsibility to have a strong unbiased ethical code so as to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their patients, especially since most of them are among the vulnerable.

• Since psychology deals with the mind which is highly unpredictable, it is important to understand that things will not always go as planned and so having good problem solving abilities coupled with a detailed oriented vision will help in getting the work done through another approach

Industries Involved: Who Provides Jobs for Psychology Major

Psychology careers can be built and fostered in the following industries:

• Clinical counseling
• Schools, colleges and university psychological centers
• Industries
• Government
• Hospitals
• Self-employment
• Sports teams
• Child services
• Non-government organizations

Psychology is a field for people who are interested in discovering the effects of the human mind on human behavior.

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