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Top Paying Chemistry Degree


Chemistry Degree

When you study chemistry at the school level, it may appear a bit difficult; but once you find interest in it, you will discover a completely new world in front of you. So, getting chemistry jobs won’t be a problem for chemistry graduates and postgraduates. Actually, chemistry is the study of matter and energy and it also shows the interaction between them. It is such a subject that surrounds you from everywhere. The food you eat, the drink you have, medicines, the air around you, the water and every entity around you is chemistry. Therefore, this subject is also known as the ‘Central Science’. There is another reason for referring it so as this science connects other sciences, like physics, biology, geology and environmental science together.

Stating simply, chemistry helps you to understand the world around you. You get the answer to questions like, why leaves are green, why rotten eggs float on water, and likewise. Even, you can understand which products are good for your health just by checking out the product labels. From cooking to inventing new chemicals inside the lab, chemistry is everywhere.

Area Coverage

If you study chemistry, you not only read certain boring formulas, but chemistry is something more than that. You can get diverse opportunities in several sectors, like government jobs, academics, pharmaceuticals, environmental sciences, aerospace, law, medicine, energy, materials, education, oceanography, health and several more options are there. Once you are studying chemistry, you can choose any sub-divisions, like industrial chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry and all. The career options are also vast if you choose chemistry in higher education.

Chemistry Jobs


Careers Salary
Chemist $55,000
Research Scientist $77,000
Chemical Laboratory Technician $41,000
Analytical Chemist $55,000
Biochemist $59,000
Quality Control Chemistry $60,000
Forensic Scientist $53,000
Polymer Chemist $68,000
Associate Chemist $50,000
Sales Representative, Pharmaceuticals $77,000


Skills of a Chemist

If you want to be a skilled and professional chemist and want to have high profile jobs, you should find these skills in yourself-

• You must be ever ready to prepare and deliver the presentations perfectly.

• You should always have a logical mind that can approach logically towards the problems and find solutions, based on the current situation.

• You must have scientific, technical and numerical skills.

• You must have the potential of handling numerous data and the ability to analyze them.

• Based on the problems, you have to be quick on taking decisions.

• You should have superb spoken and written communication skills.

• You should know about time management.


Industry Involved: Who Provides Chemistry Jobs

If you are a chemist, you get more options to work in different industries. Here are the employment areas where you can get your dream job. Have a look-

  • Product development research
  • The Food and Drug Administration
  • Agriculture
  • Health administration
  • Human resource
  • Manufacturing and production

Hopefully, now you get why studying chemistry is really good for your career. It is the central science that gives you the idea about the entire happenings around you. Also, you get high-profile career opportunities that you have always wanted.



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