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Top Paying Careers Working with Children For Child and Youth Studies


Child and Youth Studies Degree

This is basically a career in youth and child studies which will include all kinds of diversities and challenges faced by a youth or a child. This course will help all the students know about the issues that young people are facing and what are the reasons behind this.

This is one of the best courses for students who love children and want to study more about them. Since there are so many opportunities for completing this course it is recommended for the students to take up this course. This course will help the students learn a lot about the society and about the children. This will teach the students how children are the future of our world and how our surroundings and actions are affecting them. The best thing about this course is that this course gives a lot of stress on creative engagement and the main focus of the course is to bring the children together with help of extracurricular activities.

This course also has a lot of research work on the children and how much they are getting affected because of factors like religion, development, technology, and area. Right now the children and youth studies are one of the most popular courses amongst students all around the world. This course teaches how a child is affected by the family and surroundings it grew up in and how all the decisions the child takes are dependent on his or her upbringing.

Careers Working with Children

Careers Salary
Child welfare case manager $37,000
Child Protective Investigator $50,000
Juvenile Probation officer $40,000
Recreation and education supervisor $44,000
Youth counselor $35,000
Child, youth and family specialist $40,000
Youth pastor $37,000
Early childhood education (ECE) $36,000
Caseworker  Specialist $35,000
Tutor $34,000
Child Care Provider $24,000
Foster Care Placement $42,000


Skills of a child and youth worker

This course will help the students learn more about children behavior. If you are looking for careers working with children, then taking up this course will be a good thing for you.

• In this course, you learn about the children and how every decision they take is somehow related to the surroundings.

• The course will help the students get a better understanding of the mind of a youth and how it works. After taking up this course the students will be able to easily figure out why a child is acting out or what might be the reason why this child is taking wrong decisions.

To take up this course student should have a love for children and also have the ability to connect with children in a deep and personal manner.


Industries Involved: Who Provides Careers Working with Children

If you are thinking if you will get a job after completing this course, then you don’t have to worry about it. You can simply complete the course and work as a:

• Legal Industry
• Advocacy Industry
• Teacher
• Counselor
• Youth program development
• Child and youth working Industry
• Social work

There are a lot of options to choose from and it is up to the student to figure out what kind of job he or she is interested in. This course is comparatively new and more and more students are getting interested in this course. If you are looking to find a job where you will work with children, then taking up this course will be a smart move for you.

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