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Top Paying Biomedical Engineering Jobs


Biomedical Engineering Degree

Biomedical engineering, also known as Bioengineering is the study of medicine and biology for healthcare purposes. People don’t rush only to become a doctor, engineer or lawyer. Rather, there are certain courses that are related to these professions and help you to earn well and increase your circumference of knowledge. Biomedical engineering jobs are one of such options in your life that give you enough opportunity to establish a strong career in your life. Actually, Biomedical Engineering is new and technology-oriented subject that opens a new horizon of learning to you. The subject comprises of the study of tissue engineering, medical devices, biomanufacturing, biomaterials and all. This course is the amalgamation of the study of the human body where engineering is incorporated.

The advancement of a Biomedical Engineering degree is making a bunch of skilled engineers who know how to cut down the cost of healthcare technology. It is really working for reducing the invasiveness of the interventions. Today, diagnosis of critical diseases has become simpler and faster. As it is based on wearable technology, it is really encouraging people to give more attention to their health and thus, making a healthy world for the future generation.

You may not know, but bioengineering everywhere around you. Here are some of the factors that are covered in this degree course-

  • Artificial organs and limbs
  • Kidney dialysis and transplantations
  • Assistive technology
  • Neurotechnology
  • Critical care medicine
  • Rehabilitation
  • Mathematical modeling of human psychology

Biomedical Engineering Jobs


Careers Salary
Research Scientist $77,000
Laboratory Technician $40,000
Quest Diagnostics $68,000
Biomedical Engineering $64,000
Grants Administrator (medical) $55,000
Cell Biologist $68,000
Bioengineering professor $84,000
Molecular Biologist $59,000

Skills Required Being a Biomedical Engineering

To be a successful Biomedical Engineering, a candidate must have the following skills-
• If you want to be a biomedical engineer, you must have the skill to analyze things and understand what your customers and patients want. Based on your analysis, you will design the solution for them.

• They have to be a mathematical genius for achieving success in this field. Biomedical engineers must have the excellence in using calculus and any other mathematical techniques. For analysis, and designing, this skill is really required.

• Though this is the basic need for almost all types of career, biomedical engineers need it the most. They must have the power to think out-of-the-box and come up with unique solutions when it comes to design healthcare devices and related equipment.

• Biomedical Engineering usually deal with complex biological systems and find solutions for that. So, you have to be open-minded and analyze the situation from different points of view, especially while dealing with patients.

• Communication Skill- The job of a Biomedical Engineering is often teamwork. If not, you may need to face patients and their near ones. Developing good communication skill will help you to state your point of view to them and understanding theirs.


Industries Involved: Who provides Biomedical Engineering Jobs

Once you achieve a Bioengineering degree, you definitely want to know the scopes where you can work. Here are the industries where biomedical engineers can be recruited-

  • Medical equipment and supplies manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing
  • Scientific research and development services
  • Electronic and precision equipment repair and maintenance

The field of Biomedical Engineering stretching its horizon. Students are getting more inclined to this engineering course as it gives something new to work. If you follow the experts’ views, the industry will be in need of more Biomedical Engineering in the recent future.


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