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Top Paying Biochemistry Careers


Biochemistry Degree

Biochemistry, also designated as Biological Chemistry, is the field of science which deals with all the chemicals as well as the physicochemical happenstances that are taking place within a living organism.

For a brief yet comprehensive approach to explaining it, Biochemistry is that particular branch of science that brings together the subjects of both biology and chemistry to assess all the chemical occurrences happening with an organism. It is completely a laboratory-based science.

The primary focus of the subject is projected on the molecular level of study. It focuses on the events that are taking place inside the cells, in the organelles. This is the subject which helps establish the ways different cells communicate with each other in the basic molecular level itself. The students in this field are subjected to a proper understanding of every section of the structure of the molecule and how the same relates to its functions. This is what helps them understand the point of interaction between the molecules.

Biochemistry Careers

Careers Salary
Research Scientist, Biochemistry $55,000
Biochemist $59,000
Forensic Scientist $53,000
Environmental Scientist $50,000
Microbiologist $52,000
Public Health Specialist $49,000
Quality Control Chemistry $60,000
Chemical Laboratory Technician $42,000
Analytical Chemist $55,000


Skills of a biochemist

Biochemistry is not a stream that is solely cornered to the realms of the superficial study of the various cellular level interactions. The subject is widespread to a number of other disciplines namely genetics, forensics, plant science, microbiology, biotechnology, and medicine. Because of the impending growth of this field, biochemistry has seen an immense growth over the last few decades.
While the previous section is self-explanatory enough, in order to make it a bit more easily, some of the other realms of skills that are showcased by a biochemist include:

• Their main focal point of the study is to establish new ideas and churn fruitful experiments to understand the various prospects and functionality of life.

• Biochemists help support the common knowledge and understanding regarding the health and the various kinds of diseases that are not just existent but new borne as well.

• Provide with fruitful and innovative ideas and information that collaborates with technological innovations for the development of new instruments and machines in the health sector.

• Maintain a working harmony with the pharmacists, physicists and an array of healthcare professionals and even the biotech engineers to churn out fruitful results to benefit the health of every mankind.


Industries involved

If you have been fretting and wondering about the common industries that hire biochemists and just biochemistry careers in general, below are a few enlisted ones in the market.

  • Hospital Management
  • Educational Industry (Universities and Colleges)
  • Agricultural Industry
  • Food Testing Industry
  • Cosmetology Industry
  • Forensic Crime Research
  • Drug Discovery and Development (Pharmacology)

The field of Biochemistry is fast growing because of its steep demand and value. With the continuous on-going researches and the new findings, the presence of biochemists has become very mandatory in several of the booming industries. Yet another fact that is driving the growth of the biochemistry industry is the fact that the demand is rising globally and dynamically. Predictions suggest that this industry is expected to see a steep rise in the near future.

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