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Top Paying Athletic Training Jobs


Athletic Training

Athletic trainers duties can pretty much be inferred from the title itself. Here the duty is to give medical care to the athletes in a caring, empathetic and positive manner so as to prevent athletic injuries. Trainers provide first aid services when necessary apart from monitoring team practices and athletic events. They also act as connections between the physicians and the patient. They also perform training evaluation for athletes.

Athletic training involves therapeutic exercises, electrical stimulation, anatomy, sports psychology, exercise physiology, sports nutrition, speed training, fitness for an aging population,


Athletic Training Jobs


Careers Salary
Exercise Therapist $49,000
Certified Athletic Trainer $43,000
Director of Athletic Training $60,000
Athletic Coach $41,000
Ergonomist $76,000
Yoga Instructor $35,000
Training Instructor $56,000
HealthCare Enrollment Specialist $41,000
Athletic Director (College/University) $73,000
Exercise Specialist $36,000
Exercise Physiologist $44,000
Clinical Exercise Specialist $49,000


Skills of an athletic trainer

• Athletic trainers will frequently encounter problems regarding their trainees on the field itself in lieu of their health. There are trainers who also cater to old people and help in regaining their motor abilities, so in situations of crisis they need to have quick decision-making abilities along with critical thinking so as to have a clear mind to make sound decisions since figuring out the best solution among many quickly may save lives.

• Not everything can be verbally said by the athlete or the patient who might be in pain all the time, for this the ability to hone into the body language of the patient is important. Maintaining control over one’s own emotions and stress along with theirs is important as well.

• While having a situation an athletic trainer quickly has to shift gears and pull out strategies on how to quickly treat the case, so problem-solving abilities are really needed.

• Having the ability to understand and empathize with patients will allow one to get the required information quickly and also convey the necessary information to them as well. This is why having the ability to calmly verbally communicate with others in situations of stress is an important skill to hone.

• Further on, the treatment centers or hospitals will ask questions regarding the patient since a trainer will probably be the first one to attend to them immediately after they sustain an injury. Thus while answering one must be extremely accurate and detail oriented. Being focused on how their client is performing will also make sure that a sharp watch is being kept on them, especially on the old patients who need attention and care. Overall, it decreases chances of risk and injury.

• While under employ, an athletic trainer will have to cater to a diverse community, where they will have to provide medical care to people from adolescents to geriatrics. So learning how to deal with different age groups is an important skill which will come in handy.


Industries Involved: Who Provides Athletic Training Jobs

Athletic training jobs are available in various fields like:

  • Professional sports teams
  • Educational services like schools, colleges, and universities
  • Hospitals
  • Offices of physical and speech therapists
  • Fitness and recreational sports centers

As an athletic trainer, one should be prepared to work outdoors and in all types of weather. So if someone wants to work on a sports field by taking care of other’s health then this job is for you.


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