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Top Paying Accounting Careers


Accounting Degree

Accounting relates primarily to the field of accountancy and business broadly. It is basically a systematic process which involves identifying, measuring, recording, classifying, summarizing, verifying and then communicating the relevant financial information.

Accounting is a broad area and as such, people can have accounting careers in taxation, management consultancy, auditing, management accounting, cost accounting, financial accounting, government accounting, nonprofit accounting, budgetary accounting, international accounting, accounting education and forensic accounting.

Accounting Careers


Careers Salary
Accountant $50,000
Claim Adjuster $49,000
Fraud Investigator $59,000
Auditor $55,000
Business Analyst $65,000
Special Agent (Federal)  $82,000
Payroll Specialist $47,000
Accounting Analyst $51,000
Controller $190,000
Accounting Professor $112,000
Estimator $54,000
Department Coordinator $44,000
Banker $56,000
Tax Accountant $55,000


Skills of an Accountant

• Having mathematics and computer skills is a primary skill for an accountant since math skills will be used on a regular basis to handle key metrics and evaluate various investments and performances. That mathematics skill set and computer skill set will actually work in tandem for the financial side of the business. This will also increase their ability to learn new software programs like cloud accounting while also being good with numbers and resources.

• In a field where numbers are crunched by big firms and companies, morality and trustworthiness regarding it is important. Accountants learn to operate with absolute honesty, transparency, and integrity with their clients and bosses.

• An accountant will have to interact with clients over various modes which can and will range from phone calls to video conferencing. So learning not just how to be confident while explaining things to people but also mastering various social media skills as well, will go a long way. Overall, it will help foster a trustworthy relationship between the accountant and their client.

• An accountant will have to work through their tasks logically as they will have to collect, analyze and then interpret data. Critical thinking skills will allow them to be a step ahead in their work as they will be able to evaluate information better, which will simultaneously allow the accountant to understand its effects better. This will make arriving at conclusions more accurate and faster.

• Most accountants work under tight deadlines so having the ability to be calm under pressure while also delivering quality work in a timely fashion is sought after.
• An accountant will be dealing with the whole of the financial receipts of a year and have all that data laid out in front all at once, give them a unique insight which can be valuable when making financial decisions. So having an interest in the business field while being able to see the consequences of financial decisions is necessary.

• Accountants will be working on computer programs to create charts and graphs regarding the institutions they are involved with and so they must be proficient in specific IT programs like Tally to carry out that work smoothly.


Industries Involved: Who Provides Accounting Careers

There are many industries which welcome accountants, they are:

  • Government agencies
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Retail Stores
  • Hospitality Businesses
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Manufacturing Businesses
  • Private Companies

So, accounting is the perfect job for people who love crunching numbers but also want to join in on the business side of the world and thus, help keep the financial machine running.


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