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Top 14 Art History Jobs


Art History Degree

Art has been popularly considered as one of the main forms of self-expression, communication, and creativity. As the years have passed the art techniques have evolved with humans as various styles and materials dominated different eras. This makes it easier to determine the age of a particular piece of art as well as to see progression and change of art throughout history.

Art history is the study of art throughout the ages and eras. It involves not just an appreciation for the art but also for the artist who created them. It also helps them know how ancient cultures lived and what their stories, beliefs, and myths were.

Art history encompasses the fields of contemporary art, history of western art, Renaissance art of Europe, the ancient art of various places, Roman art, postwar paintings, Fashion as art and photography.

Art History Jobs


Careers Salary
Gallery Assistant $33,000
Curator, Art Gallery $41,000
Executive Director $46,000
Executive Director, Non-Profit Organization $43,000
Museum Registrar $46,000
Arts administrator $35,000
Cataloger $44,000
Museum Educator $36,000
Museum Registrar $36,000
Art History Professor $68,000
Historian $41,000
Human Resources Representative $48,000
Nonprofit Administrator $51,000
Art dealer $54,000


Skills of an art historian

• When working on determining where a particular piece of art came from, art historians will have to do appropriate research to connect the various dots and arrive at the conclusion. This will require critical thinking, which is much valued in this field. Collecting various pieces of information through other means will allow one to develop their analyzing skills as well.

• Art professionals have to present a research paper on their findings along with a presentation and so it needs one to develop their public speaking skills. Moreover, during the art exhibition, they will have to address various people interested in it and have to quell their queries.

• Learning art history teaches one that sometimes they will have to make decisions on how to categorize something especially in cases of conflicting information. They will have to rely on their problem solving and critical thinking skills to arrive at a decision.

• When employed by someone art professionals will have to complete the project within a certain time period. Moreover, art pieces belonging to ancient periods need to be handled with care especially in climate-controlled environments and so they will get to interact with the art object for a certain time frame only. It is during this time frame that historians will have to extrapolate as much data as they can.

• Art historians have to work in teams pretty frequently or in collaboration but either way, they have to learn to coexist and cooperate with their partners as well as take responsibility for the work they have carried out alone as well as in a team setting.

• Historians definitely learn a lot about various cultures and how they lived and carried their lives out. They also get to know various art personalities and about their art as well as historical contributions. This broadens their cultural horizons which in turn makes them more acceptable to other forms of art produced by various cultures.


Industries Involved: Who Supply Art History Jobs

Art history jobs are available, contrary to the popular public perception that art historians are unemployed. You can find work in:

  • Galleries
  • Museums
  • University and colleges

Art history is a field which is perfect for people who are interested in this field, want to know about it as well as want to build an ideal academic career.

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