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Tips on how best to answer competency based interview questions


Competency Based Interview Questions

Job interviews haunt a lot of people as they are often the test of one’s integrity. People need to spend a chunk of their time in not only preparing but also getting used to the act of an interview. The interviewers have a strategy through which they choose the candidates that they like. Now, every company has their own ideology and so they may have parameters set for selection. A candidate should remain prepared with different forms of interview questions. Here we will discuss a little about the competency-based questions asked in an interview.

What is a Competency-based question?

Interviewers often ask a candidate about some personal situations that they may have faced in their lives. These questions require a strategic answer based on their past experience. You will know them as competency based questions. Their answers should involve signs of their involvement in the situation and also their decision-making capabilities. They generally ask the questions to analyze the parameter of compliance that a candidate will have in the company. These also help in proving the personality traits that a person has. They also check the cope up mechanism of the said person. You should remain positive when the person asks you any competency based questions.

Preparing for Competency-Based Questions:

We often have a habit of forgetting things in the interview hall. The nervousness takes a grasp at us and makes us look incompetent. But it will be totally on us to beat that and answer the questions. Many competencies based questions have an added layer of pressure to it. People often feel insecure and they think that they do not deserve the job. But the employers actually want you to feel like that so that they may check your reliability. So, before going for the interview, you should practice these things:

• Note down the skills that you possess and your past experiences with it. Make sure that you have everything down so that the interviewer cannot trick you. Note down your past experiences with job, academic qualifications and any other task that you may have done. Do remember that the first thing that you need to show will be your resume. So, the resume should be neat and clean and have all the important details.

• Developing your communication skills is a key point when it comes to the interview. A confident no for an answer to an unknown question is far better than blabbering. So, you should always practice the question to have a better go at it.

• Take to the internet to find some competency based questions. Try to answer them and you will definitely understand yourself. This will also help you to know the common patterns of the questions. While preparing for them try to find their connection to your skills and experience. Note down if you find them so that you may give them a revision before the interview.

• The STAR method is a common way of answering the competency-based question. We will recommend you to learn a bit about it. The method follows a systematic way of answering the questions and it does help you out to enhance communication skills.

• Take a meditation break whenever you think that it gets pressurizing for you. This helps in keeping calm and also aids you to remember the points.

Tips on how to answer a competency-based question:

Do not fret if you have an interview soon. Follow some of these tips so that your answers are as effective as possible. So, let us begin:

• Staying positive is the way to go when they ask a competency-based question. They may often give you a situation that has been a negative phase in your life. But you have to answer it from a positive viewpoint. This actually tests your personality and helps the interviewer see your coping mechanisms.

• You do not need to stay the whole background story to reach your point. Many people eat up the time by explaining everything and also by going in the wrong direction. A person should only mention relevant background points and keep the answer tight.

• Keep your examples handy for the questions that they will ask you. That is the reason for noting down your experiences, skills and past tasks way ahead of time. Do remember that they often pick a random aspect of you and ask the question.

• Do not get agitated if they ask a personal question. Sometimes people do not like questions which reflect a bad time in their life. But they need to keep calm and go with the flow. Just answer politely and it will have a strong impression on the interviewer.

• Before you go for the interview, always do a background and history check of the company. Go through the details of their website to see their job profile and their experience. This will help you in preparing questions that may relate to their company. Find out about their industry field and you will have a nice preparation.

• If you do not know an answer, then calmly and politely answer with a ‘no’. If you get afraid or tensed, it shows the negativity in you and the interviewers will detect it. Every human being doesn’t know everything so it isn’t a big deal to pass on a question.

• Try to answer the questions with the STAR technique. STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. If you follow the pattern you will definitely get a positive outcome. But for this, you will need to note each point down way ahead of time.

• Keep the answers as brief as possible. The interviewers never like a person who goes on about themselves for hours. Also, stick to your points and do not contradict yourself.

Appearing for an interview seems daunting. But we are sure that you will perform quite well if you follow the steps. Competency-based questions become easy after you give a few interviews. You will actually get used to the pattern and provide them with the exact answer. Make sure to keep calm and remain grounded while answering. Practice as much as possible and do a great job in the interview.

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