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Theatre Degree


Theatre Degree

Often considered as a useless degree, theatre and drama are one of those creative careers that provides the candidates with the freedom to expression their talent to the world. To major in Theatre is when one study the arts which includes acting, drama and the physical form of expression of written scripts. A Degree in  theatre will most likely  lead to career that helps you express yourself just the way you want it to be, regardless of what kind of role or career you take up after the completion of the degree.

If you are here with a budding enthusiasm for theatre, and an even amazing liking towards this specific degree. Then its time to take that leap of faith and simply sign up for any of the undergraduate Theatre courses and pave your way up from there.

Theatre Jobs

Careers Median Salary
Theater Manager $40,000
Theater Director $44,000
Production Artist $45,000
Community Association Manager $49,000
Academic Advisor $41,000
Theatre Educator $47,000
Actor / Actress $50,000
Stage Manager $40,000
Stagehand $49,000
Performing Arts $42,000

Skills acquired from the degree

• A theatre graduate normally acquire three different skills by majoring in theatre. The three skills are the following  – A creative thinking, Time management and the ability to think technically. Depending on which aspect of the field the person indulges in, the skills differ based on ones career path.

• The creative side of the theatre is most possibly one of the most expressive and challenging roles that one could possibly take up. This is the part that the majority of the audience can see and witness as an end result. The skill set includes how to proper acting properly, and direction skills. It also includes things like how to put on your costumes correctly and apply makes-up in a tasteful manner that matches the shows setting. This enhances the creative side of an individual, Using this skill will set the individual apart from his or her peers.

• The time management side of theatre helps individuals accomplish the impossible, which is costume changing between scenes, line speaking and even character entry. It also helps with the  management and operational side of a theatre house because someone has to run it. All these things are equally important as the acting, singing side of the theatre.

• The field of theatrics and drama  helps one polish their versatility. Since public opinion and likes changes at a rapid pace in todays time its always a good thing to stay flexible . A degree in theatre teaches you how to  become adaptable to changes and mold yourself accordingly to deliver the very best to your audience. This is the kind of career path that helps you work under high pressure but in a very creative environment.

Industries involved: Who Provides Theatre Jobs

Now that we have discussed the most important things that one needs to know about theatrics and drama, let us walk ourselves through the various theatre degree jobs and the main industries that hire people with this kind of degree.

• Television industry
• Theatre and drama industry
• Movie industry
• Fashion industry
• Theatre management industry
The theatre is one of those industries that are underrated but fast growing at the same time. If you have a flair for showcasing your creative side, switch it up to a degree in this specific industry.

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