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Special Education Degree


Special Education Degree

A Special education, as the name suggests, focuses on creating and designing educational programs and services which helps children with learning disabilities.

Special education teachers make individualized learning plans so they can monitor their student’s progress. It also ensures that the student’s emotional needs are balanced and met among other things. Special Education teacher’s students will have a wide range of emotional, mental, physical and learning disabilities. Some examples are; blindness, autism spectrum disorders, physical handicaps, deafness and other disabilities.

Special education involves the study of the following courses: behavior management, human development and learning, assistive technology. These courses help graduates better understand the needs for the kids they will be teaching on a regular basis.

Special Education Jobs

Careers Median Salary
Special Education Teacher $49,000
Training & Development Specialist $57,000
Child Development Specialist $35,000
Disability Specialist $47,000
Education Coordinator $45,000
Case Manager $39,000
Special Needs Assistant $31,000
Administrative Assistant $39,000
Educational Specialist $50,000
Early Childhood Education Specialist $41,000
Behavior Specialist $40,000
Behavioral Specialist Consultant $37,000

Skills of a Special Education Major

• Patience is the number one thing when it comes to working as a Special educator. Its because the special needs students usually require more patience and attention in certain areas depending on their personal needs. while patience and being understanding is a necessity in this profession. Special education teachers must not forget to also be assertive so that the students in need can get the services which they need. Every teacher becomes invested in the success of their student but there is also a need to persevere through the difficult moments to achieve that happiness.

• Being inclusive while also having a healthy sense of humor will enable the educator to enjoy small successes. While their differences should be cared for and be considered, treating them as normal as possible will also help them adapt. Being kind while dealing with special kids will go a long way. For this understanding to the needs of the students is a bonus.

• Having great interpersonal skills is also a necessity in this field. A good rapport with parents, administrators, teachers and teacher aids will go a long way in achieving small successes and making the day easier to get through for everyone.

• Being attentive to detail is another key factor, which is required for getting a job in this field as a teacher. A Special educator will have to keep on assessing the students to keep track of their baseline abilities and any improvement there of.

• Preparing a routine of what will be taught at a  particular day helps children remain calm. So sticking to deadlines as well as following a routine timetable will make the work much easier

• It should be remembered that everyone has a different learning style. The best teachers are those who have been able to tailor the lessons in a creative manner so as to appeal to a particular student. For this, the teacher in charge may also have to recall the teaching techniques on a regular basis.

Industries Involved: Who Provides Special education jobs

Special education jobs are available in the following fields:

• Schools and other educational institutions
• Non-government organizations

Special education is a professional field where one must step into, only if they want to teach or interact with special need kids. They must be willing to give them the same education which other children get. It requires a service and helping mentality to get into.

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