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Sociology Degree


Sociology Degree

Sociology is the  study of human social relationships and institutions. courses vary from religion and family to crime, state, race and more. So it works on a personal, social and global level. Unifying these diverse subjects is sociology’s proposal since it helps in understanding how human action and consciousness can shape and is shaped by the surrounding social and cultural structures as well as practices.

Sociologists study everything from human’s activities, social lives, processes and more in the larger context of economic, social and political forces. To engage in understanding these sociologists engage in a lot of research.

Sociology involves the following areas of study which range from health, education, crime, racial and ethnic relationships, gender, poverty, aging, collective behavior, comparative sociology, cultural sociology, deviant behavior, demography, human ecology, law and society, political and urban sociology, military sociology, religious sociology, rural sociology and more

sociology careers

Careers Median Salary
Sociologist $50,000
Case Manager $39,000
Family Advocate $34,000
Social Services Director $52,000
Probation Officer $41,000
Education Program Coordinator $45,000
Victim Advocate $35,000
Juvenile Probation Officer $40,000
Cancer Registrar $45,000
Child Care Center Director $40,000
Human Resources (HR) Generalist $52,000
HR Analyst $56,000
Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization $41,000
Sociology Professor $70,000

Skills of a Sociologist

• Communication skills top the list of skills needed in this field since potential employers are always looking for people who can express themselves in written and verbal form. Sociologists engage in a lot of research work which involves interviewing people, conducting surveys, publishing reports and more which involves interactions with the interviewed as well as later on with peers who will be involved in reviewing and approving the work.

• In sociology, there will be a need to carefully gather evidence and analyze it. This evidence gathering will involve interpreting historical documents, conducting large-scale surveys, analyzing census data, studying videotaped information as well as interviewing participants as well as conducting laboratory experiments. To follow through this all, analytical skills are sorely needed. Critical thinking will help in avoiding problems and combined with a detail-oriented view of doing things, will ensure a good collection of useable data.

• Leadership skills as well as the ability to motivate and recruit people are needed so that the team is full of people who are interested and willing to work on the project at hand. Leadership also includes the ability for flexibility, tolerance, and risk taking. Being able to lead along with being able to adapt to changing situations is a big bonus in the professional field.

• Multi-cultural understanding, especially in regards to racial, gender, ethnic and gender differences which affect perceptions of particular societies in regards to work and values, is important. This sensitivity allows sociologists to operate in various cultures. People having intercultural awareness and a global outlook are valued more within the global workspace.

• Having technical skills like the ability to use basic computer applications is necessary since research work or the project work will have to digitally recorded and a copy of it kept. Most of the work of data collection will also be done digitally so being well versed regarding the uses will be needed.

Industries Involved: Who Provides sociology careers

Sociology degree jobs are available in the following fields:

• Research institutions
• Schools, colleges, and universities
• Government agencies
• Consulting services

Sociological is a field which welcomes people who are willing to know and understand how society works and why it works the way it does.

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