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Social Work Degree


Social Work Degree

Social work is a broad field which is concerned with helping families, groups, communities, and individuals with the aim to enhance their well being collectively and singularly. The International Federation of Social Workers calls social work ‘an interrelated system of values, theory and practice.’ It helps people develop their abilities and skills to rely on themselves so as to resolve problems on their own.

Social workers are trained in the field of counseling and social welfare administration. Their study focuses on the organized means of providing basic support for the vulnerable groups and individuals. There are many different kinds of social workers who specialize in child, family and school, medical and public health as well as mental health and substance abuse.

Social work involves the following areas like adult psychopathology, child psychopathology, family violence in society, spirituality and social work practice, human neuropsychology, social perspective on health and illness, social policy programs, family law and children’s right, mental health and social policy, state policy, substance abuse policy and more.

Social work Careers

Careers Median Salary
Social Worker $45,000
Health/Wellness Coordinator $45,000
Academic Advisor $41,000
Clinical Director $73,000
Case Manager $65,000
Clinical Coordinator $57,000
Family Advocate $34,000
Education Liaison $40,000
Child Welfare Specialist $37,000
Waiver Service Provider $38,000

Skills of a Social Worker

• A social worker’s job involves listening to people’s issues and then reflecting it back by being engaged in every conversation. This makes your clients feel that you are trustworthy and that they are comfortable confiding in you. Active and good listening builds up a therapeutic alliance which makes the client feel seen and understood. Those make up the core of any therapeutic setting.

• High levels of emotional intelligence is a must for social workers since having empathy, self-awareness, sensitivity are important in a field which involves dealing with vulnerable people and society’s issues. Social work is finding a balance between what one has learned regarding clinical illnesses or diseases and what one can intuit from being in the setting itself.

• Being organized will go a long way toward helping clients since they require case management services like making phone calls, billing, maintaining collateral relationships and more. Providing this kind of psychosocial support requires a dedicated organization so as to prioritize the needs of the client. It means that teamwork between the worker on various stations and with various duties need to be immaculate and reliable.

• Critical thinking is an essential skill no matter the field, but while dealing with individual people and their issues, it becomes more important. Being able to think creatively and critically about people’s problems helps in making the client’s life better is a skill to always hone. But it is quite expected that a social worker will probably not be tackling just one issue at a time, there are bound to be several and as such, having problem-solving skills while multitasking is a huge skill set to have.

Industries Involved: Who Provides Social work careers

Social work careers are available in the following fields of:

• Schools and other educational institutions
• Mental health clinics
• Prisons
• Military barracks
• Senior rehabilitation centers
• Non-government organizations
• Hospitals
• Private practice

Social work as a field is for people who want to make a change in the work and help vulnerable groups of people who are unable to help themselves at the moment.

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