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Public Health Degree


Public Health Degree

Public health is related to the prevention of diseases with the aim to prolonge and promotes human health by scientific method through various organized efforts of public, private and communities. The health actually includes mental, physical, emotional and social wellbeing. It should be kept in mind that the public can be as large as a country or a continent in case of a pandemic.

Some commonly applied public health initiatives are promoting hand washing, breastfeeding, vaccinations, distribution of condoms, informing about the spread of STDs, family planning, and other health directives. Also, it must be noted that modern public health practice requires a more multifaceted approach where teams have to include a host of professionals which include public health nurses, biostatisticians, medical assistants, medical microbiologists, gender and reproductive experts and more.

Public health covers a lot of areas, namely epidemiology, behavioral health, mental health, public policy, gender issues in health, sexual and reproductive health as well as occupational safety.

Public Health Degree Jobs

Careers Median Salary
Research Coordinator $47,000
Public Health Educator $45,000
Health Educator $44,000
Healthcare Administrator $64,000
Public Health Advisor $62,000
public health professor $80,000
Academic Advisor $40,000
Health/Wellness Coordinator $42,000
Victim Advocate $35,000
Healthcare Liaison $58,000
Community Outreach Coordinator $41,000
Infection Preventionist $70,000

Skills of a Public Health Professional

• Communication skills are extremely important in a field where public health professionals have to interact with people at the grass root level and listen to their problems and then give them advice regarding it. Having good public speaking skills is a must in this field especially since people will have to interact with other members and employees while on the field or while developing designs to implement health education schemes and programs.

• Having a strong work ethic is important because public health professionals are often out in positions where they have to work in difficult situations and amongst difficult conditions. Being responsible, proactive and trustworthy are important ethics to have.

• As a rule, public health workers don’t work alone especially since their work involves working at the ground level to implement programs. Having the ability to collaborate with other staff and workers ensures the much bigger success of the program.

• Public health officials come to cross a lot of problems while working- it may be resistance from the locals, problems in the budget and subsequent allocation of funds, the program not working through and more. But professionals will always have to keep a cool health and display problem-solving skills along with flexibility/ adaptability in times of need. As being flexible helps one to cultivate solutions for specific individual problems while keeping in mind the broader issue and aim at hand. Dynamism is important and sought-after personality trait for sure.

• Possessing critical thinking skills is important in the day-to-day responsibilities of the project. Analytical helps in finding out issues with the program from its developmental stages to its implementation ones so that what is put forth is the absolute best of the lot.

Industries Involved: Who Provides Public health degree jobs

Public health degree jobs are found in the following industries:

• Government agencies
• Schools and other educational institutions
• Nonprofit organizations
• Academia
• Hospitals and other health services

Public health is a field for people who love working for the community and people from the grass root level itself. It’s for people who want to work to make the society better and equal while simultaneously working as a health professional.

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