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Political Science Degree


Political Science Degree

Political science, simply said is the study of the political phenomenon. Elaborated, it stands for the study of a system of fundamental principles which were set down by an administrative body. But political science encompasses yet a lot more than just this. People learn how power, justice and wealth distribution works on all levels and not just what happens in the national parliament. In-depth, political scientists examine the power relations between countries and organizations especially when it is associated with war, peace, inequality, policy, political organizations, International aid, and cooperation etc.

But it should always be remembered that politics doesn’t just work in Washington, New Delhi, Brussels or Hague; it works everywhere from the family structure to the neighborhood football clubs and more.

Political science covers a lot of areas like comparative politics, domestic politics, foreign policy analysis, international relations, political economy, political sociology, political psychology, public administration, psephology, public policy studies, ethics and more political systems as well as theories.

Jobs for Political Science Majors

Careers Median Salary
Foreign Service Officer $89,000
Public Affairs Officer $73,000
Government Affairs Representative $57,000
Government Affairs Director $96,000
Corporate Affairs Director $102,000
Fraud Investigator $59,000
Program Officer, Foundation $62,000
Lobbyist $71,000
Political Scientist $52,000
Political Researcher $50,000
Political Science Professor $94,000
Political Science Assistant Professor $56,000
Policy Analyst $56,000
Compliance Officer $66,000

Skills of a political scientist

• Having research skills is essential in this field. A political scientist must be capable of using various databases and resources to gather information on various topics. Students of political science get trained in this from the term papers, essays and dissertations they have to author which allows them to gain experience in the projects. Proper research experience is valued in the work field.

• Analysis of various trends, systems, and events is important since looking at phenomenon through a critical eye will enable people to identify important details from where they will be able to reach a logical conclusion as well as formulate probable conclusions. Critical thinking illustrates the ability to logically think an out a set of problems, which is always appreciated in any professional field.

• Effective communication is important in any field and here it is so as well. Political Science students must be able to communicate with their peers and with the general public about their findings. This includes both verbal communication (including public speaking) as well as written communication in the form of newspaper articles, dissertation, presentations and more.

• Political scientists rarely work alone and the method of working generally hinges along to working with a team in a group environment. The ability to collaborate and coordinate with other regarding issues where everyone’s opinions are bound to be different is truly an acquired skill.

• In the political world, things are changing by the minute and so it is important to keep on top of all the incidents and information coming out. Keeping oneself up-to-date regarding news related to world politics will help you be ahead in the field and also help out during research work and papers.

Industries Involved: Who Provides Jobs for Political Science Majors

In the market jobs for political science majors are pretty widespread, people can find jobs in:

• Government agencies
• Schools, colleges, and universities
• Law firms
• Newspapers and media
• Marketing and publicity firms
• Political consultancy services

Political science is a field which is suitable for those who are interested in the going on of the world and want to know how the cogs of the world machine turn and churn everyone along with it.

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