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Philosophy Degree


Philosophy Degree

Philosophy is derived from the Greek word “philosophia” which means the ‘love of wisdom’ and so it truly is the general and abstract study of knowledge, nature, causes, logical reasoning and more. It concerns itself with a variety of questions that range from what things exist, what are their natures, how one should live, what can be considered as genuine knowledge and what can be considered as the present principles of reasoning. Philosophy is carried out through reflection and not through any experiment (primarily).

While philosophy does have the reputation of being frivolous but over the decades and centuries, it has churned out some of the most thought-provoking and original thoughts. While the answers to life and the universe may not be found but it’s important to question it and think about the broader issues.

Areas of Coverage

Philosophy is a huge field and it covers a lot of areas which include Western philosophy, Eastern philosophy, aesthetics, epistemology, logic, ethics, metaphysics, ontology, philosophy of mind along with philosophy of action, time and space, history, education, law, language, mathematics, religion, politics, science.

Philosophy Careers

Careers Salary
College Instructor $48,000
Quality Assurance $59,000
Associate Dean $119,000
Sales Representative $45,000
Admissions Counselor $37,000
Patient Advocate $42,000
Underwriter $56,000
Business Analyst $59,000
Compliance Specialist $54,000
Outreach Specialist $41,000
Claims Adjuster $49,000
Academic Coordinator $45,000
Learning Specialist $55,000
Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization $41,000


Skills of a philosopher

• Communication skills are honed in this field since here philosophy majors have to carry out a lot of essays and dissertations under their supervisors so that they can improve their writing. But oral communication is also encouraged through seminars, debates and discussion groups. Having good communication skills are highly valued in the job market.

• As the traditional image of the lonely philosopher goes, students of philosophy are actually encouraged to explore problems on their own but then they are also invited to work together in a group. This fosters their development of interpersonal skills and allows them to cultivate teamwork, adaptability, and cooperation with each other.

• The ability to look at a problem from different angles and viewpoints creatively is important while one is contemplating whether what we see in this world is real or not. One must learn to examine things minutely so that their problem-solving skills can develop more effectively.

• Research skills are one of the most important skills to have in this field so that people can search up particular topics, learn how to arrange and organize the information, filter out unnecessary information and then write down the final version.

• Philosophers frequently work on dissertations and research work where they learn how to prioritize their work so that they can meet deadlines effectively. This is an important skill to have as completing work within deadlines is what ensures that people will view you as a trustworthy professional.

Industries involved: Who Provides Philosophy major jobs

Philosophy major jobs are available in the following areas:

• Government agencies
• Advertising and marketing agencies
• Management consultancies
• Schools, colleges, and universities
• Research Firms
• Publishing companies
• Non-government organizations

Philosophy is for people who want to think about the deeper mysteries of life and explore the mind in an abstract way since the subject encourages deep contemplation about the mysteries of the universe like no other.

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