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Nursing Degree


Nursing Degree

Nursing is the binding glue which holds together the health care of a patient. Nursing is a varied field and it requires dedication like no other. Nurses work directly with patients, communities or families and they do everything from ensuring that there is accurate diagnosis and even undertake public health issues. They are responsible for long-term, all-encompassing monitoring of a patient’s behavior

Nursing as a subject encompasses a lot of areas, namely clinical ethics, bioethics, substance abuse, clinical management, pharmacology, AIDS, nursing practice, mental health nursing, nursing with children, leadership and management, global experiences and much more.

Nursing careers

Careers Median Salary
Registered Nurse (RN) $63,000
Nursing Instructor $60,000
Nurse Coordinator (RN) $66,000
Nurse Case Manager $70,000
Charge Nurse (RN) $68,000
Hospital Admissions Coordinator $40,000
Clinical Site Liaison $66,000
House Supervisor $77,000
Nursing Director $88,000
Director Of Nursing $80,000
Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) $169,000
Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) $86,000
Clinical Research Coordinator $48,000
Dean of Nursing $101,000

Skills of a Nurse

• Compassion for the sick and injured has to the first and foremost emotion or skill to have in this field. Having empathy in this field will make people automatically better at their jobs. This will result in trying to make the patient’s stay in the hospital a positive experience.

• As one might guess, having excellent communication abilities is a must for a field which mainly involves interacting with patients and their family members. A nurse will frequently act as a link between the doctor and the patient as well as with the visiting family. This makes the ability to speak and elaborate effectively important. Besides, having a reassuring and calm bedside manner is an important trait which aids in the recovery of the patient as well.

• Ethics are what guides nurses to follow a solid framework of professional and personal conduct. This framework should definitely have a moral service of commitment to humanity as well as care and concern for the dignity of all patients. This will guide one to be more proficient at the job.

• Nurses are involved in decision making on a daily basis regarding their patients. The decisions might include deciding what medications to give so as to alleviate pain, go fetching doctors and much more. Nurses are caregivers and give optimal care which will result in the betterment of the patient involves an analytical mind. Moreover, nurses who are engaged in decision making will need to have a critical mind so as to make policies and schemes which will benefit all members of the society.

• Having a keen attention paying eye will help nurses go a long way in their job as even the smallest mistake can potentially result in tragic results so strict attention must be paid so as to avoid those. Paying attention to detail should actually come as second nature for people in this profession.

• Nurses will have to work with little supervision and so they must have the confidence in their skills and themselves to carry out giving the best available care to the patients. Self-doubt can be dangerous in this profession especially if a nurse is in the middle of a critical situation.

Industries Involved: Who Provides nursing careers

The Nursing field does offer great jobs in the following industries:

• Hospitals and the medical field
• Hospice centers
• Schools
• Prisons
• Government agencies
• Military
• Spas
• Cruise ships

Nursing is a field for those who want to help others primarily, having a strong will to care is what counts in this field.

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