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Mathematics Degree


Mathematics Degree

As one might guess, number crunching is an important part of getting into a math major. But it’s not just simply playing or working with numbers. One has to think and love that numbers are a whole other language altogether. So if you like finding solutions to problems, real-world problems as well then a math major will be right for you.

Math itself is a broad term and there will be many topics which will be tackled in class like calculus, the theory of statistic, linear algebra, engineering and physical sciences, computer science, pure mathematics, economics and more.

Jobs for math majors

Careers Median Salary
Market Researcher $51,000
Compliance Officer $66,000
Compliance Auditor $55,000
Risk Management Specialist $62,000
Director, Risk Management / Risk Control $116,000
Program Coordinator $41,000
Pricing Analyst $55,000
Revenue Cycle Analyst $56,000
Revenue Integrity Analyst $61,000
Data Analyst $58,000
Business Analyst $60,000
Project Management Specialist $65,000
Intelligence Analyst $67,000
Research Analyst $53,000

Skills of a Mathematician

• The biggest skill required of all is stronger quantitative skills. One has to have strong number-crunching logic skills. It should be made clear that this major isn’t for people who did kind of okay with math in school. There needs to be an absolute faith in your abilities to tackle problems head-on.

• Patience is an important skill for a math major to hone. Many might think that it is unnecessary, but when a math student is spending hours upon hours on math sets without getting any particularly encouraging results then it is easy to get frustrated and give up or get angry. Remaining calm and asking for help is the first step to get out of problems like this. While staying calm can be difficult, it is recommended to take a small break during the work and come back refreshed after entertaining oneself.

• Right next, comes problem-solving skills. While staying calm and taking small breaks are recommended to keep the brain energized in the long run but dedication towards the goal is necessary and to achieve that tireless work is needed. Many problems don’t have easy answers, especially real-world ones so to tackle them one has to be curious and ready to take on new challenges.

• Creativity while being stuck in a problem can help one achieve wonders. Every problem is different and so will be their solutions. So what’s needed is exploring a problem from various angles and applying various different strategies to it. There will be different paths to various solutions, everything depends on which one you will use to solve.

• Time management is an important skill to hone in here. While working in the professional sphere, math majors will find themselves working within deadlines for projects. In such cases, it is important to prioritize what needs to be done first and break down the problem from various angles.

• Communication and teamwork, while may sound not particularly important, is so. There is a common perception that math majors work in isolation, which is just not true. People will have to work with teams on projects and will also need help from others during a problem. So learning to be tolerant and cooperative is a skill to have.

Industries Involved: Jobs for math majors

The jobs for math majors are available in the following fields:

• Schools and other educational institutions
• Government services
• Banks and other financial institutions
• IT companies
• Research Firms

Mathematics majors are required in every field where there is a need to analyze and crunch numbers to reach a solution. The mathematics major is a subject overall, for people who are interested in finding solutions and enjoy doing so.

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