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Legal Studies Degree


Legal Studies Degree

Legal studies involve a curriculum which is a multidisciplinary, liberal arts way of looking at the practices, values, meanings as well as institutions of law along with legality. It also inversely examines how the law is shaped by and shapes political, cultural and economic forces. It also looks into the jurisprudence and theories of justice and how it works with cultural embeddedness of law as well as with historical dynamics. All of it collectively concerns privacy, autonomy, liberty, social and political equality along with the equal distribution of opportunities and resources.

It should be kept in mind that legal studies do not prepare students for law school and neither does it provide any paralegal training.

Legal studies covers the following fields of criminal justice, politics and law, legal traditions, economic regulation, theories of Justice, legal history, philosophy of law, courses in relation to humanities and social sciences, public policy, law and economics, sociology of law, punishment, culture and society, law and market, law and culture and more.

Careers Salary
Court Clerk $36,000
Bank Examiner $78,000
Correctional Officer $37,000
Parole Officer $43,000
Policy Advisor $68,000
Politician $174,000
FBI Agent $65,000
Fraud Investigator $59,000
Compliance Officer $66,000
Legal Secretary $52,000
Legal Assistant $42,000
Paralegal $47,000
Border Patrol Agent $58,000
Loss Prevention Investigator $48,000

Skills of legal studies major

• Having analytical skills is important in this field where law and justice will be analyzed from various angles in relation to their role in fundamental human values. During coursework, critical thinking about will assist legal studies major in looking at a topic from various different points of views.

• Research skills are valuable in this field where there will be plenty of research projects which will need the ability to search for information from historical events, small regional cases, interviewing people, reviewing case materials and more. All of it requires a detail-oriented view of working where critical thinking skills will help in sorting out the necessary from the unnecessary.

• Communication skills are important and while having a two-way communication it is necessary to get both sides of the view on board, learning the art of listening is also important to understand different opinions on a matter calmly. Also, legal studies majors will have to carry out presentations of their projects so having good public speaking skills is critical.

• Having ethical boundaries and commitments towards the work in question is important since law and its subsidiaries require that truth along with intellectual integrity is upheld. Clients and people will depend on the legal studies professionals for advice, which should be given after considering the needed moral and ethical boundaries.

• The ability to not just work in teams but to work with cooperation and coordination is necessary. Along with this, in projects and in various settings, one may have to work with people from other groups who will harbor different goals and ideas different from that of your team and so working with harmony in that kind of a setting to achieve the required goal is important as well.

Industries Involved: Who Provides Legal Studies Degree Jobs

Legal studies degree jobs are available in the following industries:

• Law firms
• Schools and other educational institutions
• Government agencies
• Accountancy firms
• Real estate

The legal study is a course for people who are not interested in going forward with practicing law specifically but are interested in knowing about the details and academic approach in regards to law and it’s subfields.

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