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Journalism Degree


Journalism Degree

The growth of the technology has paved its way to how people actually see and perceive the news all around them. The field of journalism is the perfect amalgamation of not just technology but it with that of communication. Journalism is the field of education that focuses on the distribution of relevant and factual news of everything happening around the globe to the people across the world.

Journalists have a very significant role in today’s society, from delivering the fresh news right from the scene of the happenstance or even through live reporting it. It is correctly said when people mention that journalists do play a very significant role in the growth and development of a nation.

Becoming a journalist and finding journalism jobs is not a cakewalk. It sure does take quite some time to be able to deliver the nation with the news that they seek to see and witness and not something that corrupt and made up. If you have been inquisitive about the same, there are two categories of eligibility criteria that one needs to go through.

For starting off your career in the field of journalism, you need to acquire a well-coveted bachelor degree and for that, you need to get yourself enrolled in one of the best educational institutes around the country.

Some of the minimum educational requirements include:

  • For bachelor degree – 10+2 certificate from a legitimate board
  • For post graduation degree – an eligible and legitimate degree certificate
  • For special courses – there are special journalism courses that are classified based upon their niche like sports, photo, press law etc.

Journalism jobs

Careers Median Salary
Journalist $39,000
Journalist, Broadcast $38,000
Sports Journalist $42,000
Journalist, News $39,000
Content Manager $56,000
Reporter $40,000
Communications Specialist $50,000
Newspaper Editor $40,000
News Anchor $58,000
TV or Radio Host $56,000
Program Director, Radio Broadcasting $45,000
Investigative reporter $62,000


Skills of a journalist

• A strong personality with a fluent conversation holding ability that would help them source the news and deliver it to the people via the different means of media.

• Curiosity is a must when it comes to the profession of journalism. If you are not curious, you really won’t be able to judge the facts and hoax.

• Confidence and diplomacy should be the two things instilled in every aspiring journalist.

• Be decisive of which field of journalism you wish to opt for – print or media. When that’s decided, understanding the kind of niche that works best for you is the next step.

Industries to look into

With the popularity of this sector as a career, several aspiring journalists are finding themselves scratching their heads trying to source which industry to sort out for. Some of the common industries that actually hire journalists include:

• Content writing industry
• Print and newspaper
• News Channels
• Proofreading and editing
• Critic
• Researchers
• News Readers

The field of journalism is fast developing and expanding. With the imploring news and thriving complexities in this industry, the world is in need of more eligible and capable journalists, so if you have been aspiring to be one, make sure that you learn the basics and rise from there.

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