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Highest Paying Marketing Degree Jobs


Marketing Degree

Marketing is a broad field which deals with the design, development as well as the branding of a product or service so as to ultimately get people to buy it or interact with it.

Marketing is an exciting field but it needs a specific crop of people who love sales, are interested in why ads are shaped the way they are and more.

There are various different areas to marketing and marketing majors spend a lot of time learning about the following areas: marketing principles, economics, e-commerce, sales, finance and management, international marketing, logistics, marketing research, product management, logistical strategies, macroeconomics, corporations and financing, public relations and other supplementary business courses

Marketing Degree Jobs

Careers Median Salary
Marketing Consultant $58,000
Marketing Specialist $50,000
Marketing Director $83,000
Project Coordinator $48,000
Market Research Analyst $52,000
Brand Ambassador $45,000
Brand Manager $70,000
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) $170,000
Chief Experience Officer $176,000
Chief Merchandising Officer $177,000
Social Media Manager $49,000
Social Media Account Executive $50,000
Advertising/Promotions Director $73,000
Marketing Communications Director $80,000

Skills of a Marketing Major

• Creativity is the number one priority in this area since marketing campaigns require innovative and unique approaches. But it isn’t just limited to creating new campaigns as marketing majors will have to come up with innovative ways to test them. The ways to test them depends on a host of factors apart from the product and its target demographic itself, so creatively trying to accommodate all is a challenge in itself.

• Communication skills are important for any job but it is especially true in marketing since the crux of this field involves making sure that a particular idea or message is being able to attract an audience. So having strong verbal and written skills is a must.

• While creativity does drive marketing but it is not the sole thing which drives it, there are a lot of numbers, data and statistics involved which guide marketing personnel in deciding what marketing paths to take accordingly so as to maximize reach and audience interaction. One has to be able to understand how the marketing strategies work and be able to quantify the results achieved so as to demonstrate the value of a campaign. So having analytical and critical thinking skills will help marketing majors understand how to keep on improving and innovating each campaign.

• Marketing personnel doesn’t just concentrate on one thing as they are engaged in several tasks like managing social media accounts, tracking the performance of campaigns and more. So for effectively doing that, one has to be able to organize their time. Marketing professionals also work in teams, so it is necessary that there is optimal coordination and cooperation so that work continues in harmony like a well-oiled machine.

• Marketing is also all about jumping on the right and popular social media boat of the moment. It requires that one jumps on the media trends so as to develop eye-catching campaigns. But it is also important to judge and know how and when certain trends work and what doesn’t work.

Industries Involved: Who Provides marketing degree jobs

People looking for marketing degree jobs can find them in the following areas:

• Consultancy firms
• Advertising
• Communications and media
• PR companies
• Real Estate
• Sports
• Fashion

Whenever there is a need to promote a product, plan or service then marketing majors are called into action. One needs to have a dynamic personality with an adaptable nature so as to flourish in this sector.

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