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Highest Paying Computer Information Systems Jobs


Computer Information Systems

With the impending growth of the technology in every field and sector, the importance of Computer Information Systems (CIS) is definitely on the rise. The dynamic changes in the field of technology are what is driving the growth of this specific sector. The Computer Information Systems is a sector that primarily focuses on the application of the various forms of practical applications of technology to a number of organizations while accentuating and adding value to the kind of services that the organization provides.

Because of the growing popularity of this sector, even the jobs in this sector is growing at a very fast pace and are becoming far reaching. The kind of demand which might not have been just a few decades back is completely changing with changing dynamics of the technological innovations.

It doesn’t matter if you start off the career with the basic bachelor degree or even want to polish your skills with a master’s degree or even an associate’s degree in the Computer Information Systems.

Computer Information Systems Jobs

Careers Salary
Computer Systems Analyst $67,000
Fraud Investigator $59,000
Information Technology (IT) Manager $85,000
Computer Technician $40,000
Network Technician $44,000
Systems Administrator $61,000
Senior Systems Administrator $83,000
Systems Engineer, IT $73,000
Information Technology (IT) Auditor $64,000
Information Technology Specialist $55,000
Systems Engineer, Infrastructure $81,000
Head of IT & Infrastructure $112,000
Computer Programmer $60,000
Database Administrator $72,000


Skills owned by a Computer Information Skills Professional

While there are several options and job opportunities in the Computer Science field, the amount of competition in this field is growing at an unprecedented rate as well. Some of the common types of jobs in this sector range from IT consultant to data analyst and network engineer.
Some of the common must have skills that are mandatory in the CIS field include:

• The personnel must have skilled problem-solving capabilities along with possible knowledge of risk management to be able to mitigate whenever the situations call for it.
• The flexibility and ability to mesh in with the team members is a necessity in the field of Computer Information Skills. It is necessary that the concerned person should be able to take other people’s views and opinions into account and even be up for criticisms if there are any.
• Project management ability is yet another important skill that should be well reflected in their set of skills.
• Understand the client and user requirements and use the same knowledge to better the overall experience with their skills.
• Organisational skills
• Proper knowledge of C++, Java, SQL and Visual Basic


Industries Involved: Who Provides Computer Information Systems Jobs

While more or less every sector encompassed by digitization has good use of someone with a CIS degree, some of the common industries or job opportunity sectors where the degree is viable include:

  • Forensic department
  • IT sector
  • Digital Marketing Industry
  • Business Development
  • User Experience Industry
  • Web Content Manager

With the continuous growth of this industry, even the demand for the computer information systems jobs is rapidly growing. Every company and organization is on the lookout for the very best professional in the salient sector. If you are in search of a job in a similar sector, make sure that you upgrade your skills as per the dynamic industry and be aware and updated of the latest changes and trends to be able to land a well-paying job.

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