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Highest Paying Biotechnology Jobs


Biotechnology Degree

Biotechnology, also known as biotech, encompasses a wide range of procedures which includes exploration, extraction, and exploration involving biological organisms and systems so as to know more about life. It also involves modifying living organisms in accordance with human needs and purposes. But one has to secure patent right, right for sales as well as receiving national and international approval so as to prevent any side effects of using the product.

The field traces its origins back to the cultivation of plants for food production and uses in medicine, domestication of animals and other breeding programs which are supposed to bring in improvements with the help of hybridization and artificial selection. But today it also encompasses tissue culture technologies, bioengineering as well as genetic engineering, applied immunology, pharmaceutical therapies, genomics and diagnostic tests.

Biotechnology Jobs


Careers Salary
Research Associate, Biotechnology $55,000
Weapons Analyst $80,000
Geneticist $77,000
Bioinformatics Scientist $95,000
Biotechnologist $58,000
Clinical Research Coordinator $48,000
Biomedical Engineer $64,000
Sales Representative, Pharmaceuticals $77,000
Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Specialist $61,000


Skills Of A biotechnologist

It should be kept in mind that biotechnology is mainly a research-oriented field and as such sound technical skills along with soft skills need to be possessed:

• Being well practiced and versed in tissue culture, PCR, gel electrophoresis, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELIZA), Western blot, flow cytometry, molecular genetics cloning and much more so as to be able to carry out sound research as well as get in any field of your wanting.

• As a researcher, it is expected to hit a brick wall every now and then. For such situations, it is important that the biotechnologist has a calm head along with appreciable problem-solving skills so that they can slowly work towards a solution. Hurrying along won’t do anyone any good and on the contrary, it will increase the work in the long term

• In research fields, being methodical is one of the main points because being casual will result in losing valuable data which will either be difficult to record exactly as before or the data can be irretrievable. For this and more biotechnologists follow a strict pattern of working and recording data.

• Along with a strict pattern to follow for recording data, there is also a need to adapt oneself to detailed and accurate writing, reviews and thinking skills. The smallest and the minutest things can end up changing everything so being detailed oriented is a must.

• After collecting data, comes the most important part- to analyze that technical data. For this, the biotechnologist has to be familiar with the procedures used. Analyzing is the part where the data becomes clear and is ready to be adapted for further use.


Industries Involved: Who Provides Biotechnology jobs

Biotechnology jobs are present in various research fields as well as in many affiliated genres. So the different industries from which one can choose are:

  • Universities/ research institutes or private centers.
  • In specialized biotech companies
  • Pharmaceutical firms
  • Food manufacturers

So contrary to the popular belief, biotechnology is a not a useless degree where one will be jobless. There are loads of evidence to the contrary. Instead, there are plenty of roles and jobs to take on. It is being predicted that there will be a growth in the sector courtesy of new research initiatives which are being proposed.

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