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Highest Paying Biology Degree Jobs


Biology Degree

In simple word, biology is actually the science of life. It is that part of science that deals with the studies of life and living creatures where the physical structure, molecular interactions, chemical processes, development, psychological mechanisms, and evolution are involved. Actually, it is the stream of science, which is there for understanding the complexities of human life along with plants and animals. Once you take up this subject in higher education, you get eligible for biology degree jobs.

The main reason for taking up a degree is that it opens vast opportunities for you. While specializing in Biochemistry or Forensic presents limited options to you, a higher education in biology gives you taste of everything within your course structure. Besides this, you get a wide chance to work in field and lab. A microbiologist may not need to stroll in the forest for collecting rare samples, but as a biologist, you have to deal with lab and field both.

Studying this subject gives you the opportunity to know the world around you better. Studying biology means you are studying about yourself, about the world, about the entire life in this universe. This is really something unique.

When you heard the word ‘Biology’, it encompasses a wide area of study. Being a student of biology, you have to study about the following subfields-

  • Biochemistry
  • Evolutionary biology
  • Botany
  • Cellular biology
  • Molecular biology
  • Ecology
  • Physiology
  • Genetics
  • Zoology

Biology Degree Jobs


Careers Salary
Environmental Scientist $50,000
Laboratory Technician $40,000
Biologist $53,000
Research Biologist $60,000
Wildlife Biologist $51,000
Marine Biologist $51,000
Environmental Scientist $50,000
Molecular Biologist $58,000
Infection Control Coordinator $69,000
Biological Science Teacher $49,000
Microbiologist $52,000
Science writer $46,000

Skills of a Biologist

Do you want to be a skilled and professional biologist? Working in this field requires certain exclusive skills to do excel in your field. So, you need to brush up yourself and dig deep in you to look whether you are eligible for the course-

• You have to identify the problems and make an assessment, based on it. Do thorough investigation to find out the potential results.

• You have to make your research power strong. You must have the skill to define problems and then design experiments, based on that. You should also know how to handle laboratory equipment and conduct studies.

• You have to categorize data and reason logically. Organizing data is also important to do well in this course.

• You need to write research proposals and may have to work in a team. So, your communication skill has to be the best.


Industries Involved: Who Provides Biology Degree Jobs

Study of biology opens vast opportunity in front of you. Vivid career options are there. You just need to find your field of expertise and leave your mark in you preferred field. You can be-

  • Private Companies
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • Academic Institutions
  • Government Agencies

The industries are developing every day and making enough reasons for students to take up the field of study. If you want to know the mystery of life and want to invent on this field, you should take biology at your study course.

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