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Guide on how to be successful in college


How to be successful in college

College can be tough. It may look nice and fun until you actually are living the college life. During grade school, we did our homework, ate our meals, and had little play time, etc. Everything at home was provided to us, literally. However, when it comes to college life, it is a lot more different than what we have imagined.

In college, we either stay at campus housing or we can rent out a place. There is no guardian to guide us, make our food or even do our laundries. In college, we have to do everything on our own. From doing our laundries to getting our meals, life gets really patchy. College life is where we get a first-hand taste of being an adult. This phase is very important to pre-adults because learning how  to steer through the open ocean called life is one great trick that we all need to master.

There are many students who literally stumble over this phase and end up a mess. The trick behind juggling your college assignments, social events, studies, etc is a learning process in its own right. You stumble, you fall, you get up and then you know where to step next. However, life is a lot easier when there is someone to tell you which direction to steer, which is why we have a few important tips to share. This way, you will have a better direction on knowing what should be done. For, even a little information comes in handy when we step into new horizons.

• First, we would like to share with you on how to stay on top of all your classes with a few simple steps.

i. Attend your classes

College is full of distractions. You will always have a reason to not attend your classes, and that would be your first mistake. All else can wait, but education cannot. If you want good grades, attend all your classes, for if you miss out on one you will end up missing on a lot of information that is important to you. It is mandatory for a student to absorb all the information and materialize on it, note it down and use it to study better. For, lecturers will always break it down and explain everything in a simple manner for a better understanding. Therefore, if you miss one class, you miss a lot.

ii. Learn your professors

Yes, learn their ways of teaching and their wants, for when you are assigned a particular task from their respective field, they have certain expectations from you. If you know what they want and expect from you, it will be easier for you to draft your assignment to get better grades than the rest. For, there is always a way of doing things, for different people.

iii. Manage your time

Get yourself a planner and chalk out your daily routine, your college timings, class schedule, other extra curriculum activities, etc. Then keep tabs on the most important things that need to be done first and set a time limit for each. This way, you will know your time frame in which you’ll have to get your work done and not waste a minute daydreaming about unnecessary things.

iv. Read

By reading we do not mean just your academic books, we expect you to read in general. It is a good habit of staying engaged and is a good way of gaining information about different things. You will stay entertained and also learn a lot more about the outside world. For, even basic information about things that are way out of your field is important to steer through life.

v. Take notes

In college, you will be exposed to the extraordinaire of lectures. These lectures are informative and lengthy. Meaning, there is a lot of information to store in mind. However, if you could note it down it would not only help you during your self-study for reference, it will come in handy for they are indirect tips to learning. Taking notes is a good way of retaining information and not losing it, for our mind can take only a certain amount in one go, without rest. The notebook can take a lot more.

Well, these ways come in handy and help you learn better. Now, let us give you some tips to practice on a regular basis, on how to be successful in college.

a. Do not over-commit

A college is a place of variations. We get to see a lot and learn a lot more. therefore, do not over-commit to one particular thing. Learn to say no, do not say yes to everything. For, end of the day you have your studies to get back to.

b. Minimize multitasking

We know how amazing it is to engage in multitasking. But, do remember that multitasking will only deprive you of excelling in your best field. Why be a jack of all trades and good at none?

c. Steer away from distractions

You should make a list of the things that distract you the most. This way you know what to stay away from because distractions are the anchors that will pull you down from succeeding in college.

d. Prioritize

When we keep our distractions at bay, we have the important things left with us to do. Now, you will have to smartly prioritize these things and list it based on their priority. It will not only eliminate useless things, but it will also help you concentrate more on what is best for you.

e. Make use of the resources available

Every academic institution has resources that they avail to their students. Make use of them, do not push it away or degrade it. Make use of the gym, studios, labs, library, etc for your betterment.

f. Social events

Take part in social events, in that way you will not become Jack (‘No play makes Jack a dull child’). We all need a break, social events at college are the best breaks you can get.

g. Track your assignments

Keep tabs on your forthcoming assignments, clear your schedule and make proper preparations for the assignments to stay focused when it comes. This way you can avoid being under pressure and avoid garnering bad results.
Well, that is it, you keep these tricks in mind and go ahead. The above-mentioned practices are good for life not only in college but also afterward. Just, instead f books you will have files to study. Colleges are our preliminary stages of adult life, live it well.

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