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Golf Course Management Degree


PGA Golf Course Management Degree

Golf is generally considered to be a hobby or passion, but turning that hobby into a career takes a lot of expertise and education which this course can offer. This course prepares people for managing the business side of the industry which ranges from marketing to tournament operations. People will also learn to hone their hospitality management skills and will of course also learn to teach golf. Ultimately golf management professionals will be responsible for a lot of tasks ranging from creating marketing campaigns to cost optimization for the tour and the company involved.

Students do get to have fun and get to participate in various organized tournaments to hone their skills in most institutions.

PGA golf management courses cover the following areas of tourism management, commercial recreation, business management, political science, environmental science, golf course turfgrass management, health and exercise studies course, food and beverage management, sports law, golf course architecture, plant biology and more.

golf course management degree Careers

Careers Median Salary
Golf Course Superintendent $54,000
Assistant Golf Course Superintendent $38,000
Golf Course Manager $50,000
Director of Golf $80,000
General Manager $71,000
Membership Director $50,000
Golf Professional $40,000
Professional Golf Instructor $45,000
Club Manager $53,000
Assistant Golf Professional $30,000
Golf Coach $33,000

Skills of a PGA golf manager

• Having a scientific understanding of how the tours work, especially in regards to how and what grass is chosen for the fields, what obstacles to put in, what clubs to use and why, requires minute scientific study to get it right. Golf is a detail-oriented game and a lot of it also goes into the setup.

• Golf management professionals have to get involved in the everyday work of the business and so they will need to possess almost intuitive decision-making skills.

• One of the most important skills required is cost management and so there is also a vicious need for having excellent financial and analytical skills so as to develop budgets and allocate resources to managing pro shops, clubhouses, restaurants and the course itself. The responsibility then falls to then monitor them to ensure that the course operates at a profit.

• It also falls within the purview of the golf management staff to ensure that there is enough noise in public about upcoming tours and such. So having customer service skills so as to ensure hospitality along with marketing skills is important.

• Having administrative skills as well as being able to bear responsibilities is necessary for running the course and handling its others operations including maintaining the staff, ensuring that the needs of the participants are timely met, making sure that the sponsors are satisfied and more. All of it is done to ensure that the course ultimately gets a good reputation and any tours are pulled off with ease.

Industries Involved: Who Provides Golf jobs

Golf jobs are available in the following areas:

• Golf companies
• Schools and educational institutions
• Sales and marketing
• Personal business

A PGA golf management course is for people who love golf and want to make their careers in it, but apart from just the bare bone passion, what is needed is an utmost dedication and respect to not just the game but the craft as a whole.

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