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General Studies Degree


General Studies Degree

As the name suggests general studies is a field that offers a varied and diverse range of study options. It is a field for people who want to experiment with academic variety as well as further occupational flexibility later on in life. Students are given the option in various educational institutions to create a curriculum based on their interests. The whole field provides a strong liberal arts foundation. A student of general studies won’t learn the tricks of a particular trade but his or her interdisciplinary approach will certainly equip them for a more broad-based learning.

General studies majors can go on to become anything from an administrative service manager to a funeral director and more. But it should be kept in mind that additional licensure will most likely be needed.

Area of Coverage

General studies deal with diverse fields like current affairs, history, world geography, politics, economic and social development, environmental issues, mathematics along with logical reasoning and literature.


General Studies Jobs

Careers Median Salary
Admissions Counselor $36,000
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Specialist $62,000
Event Planner $45,000
Research Coordinator $47,000
Salesperson $42,000
Content Writer $43,000
College Registrar $58,000
Office Assistant $33,000
Human Resources (HR) Specialist $59,000
Education Specialist $50,000
Grants Specialist $51,000
Teacher Assistant $23,000


Skills of a General Studies major

• Here one must cultivate strong communication skills as students of general studies have to communicate with a variety of people who are well versed in not just particular focused fields but also in diverse fields. Having good communication abilities will make them more receptive to more information and they will do better professionally as a result.

• Communication skills of a general studies major shouldn’t be restricted to just interpersonal ones as public speaking is an ability which is well in demand and thus should be cultivated. Having a good grasp on public speaking will help in presenting ideas, convincing people and getting subsequent approvals regarding projects and more.

• Since general studies, majors deal with a variety of subjects so having critical thinking skills which will allow them to bridge the gaps between different subjects and their applications will be useful. An analytical way of looking at things will allow them to remain objective and logical, no matter the subject in question.

• Dealing with a wide range of fields means that the opportunity for presenting papers and carrying out research is also endless. To take advantage of this a student must hone their researching abilities which will help them sort out, organize and then write the material down in an optimal manner.

• Coupled along with researching abilities is the skill of problem-solving so that one can work around a roadblock they may encounter in their research work or professional life. This involves having good decision-making abilities which will assist in making sound judgments and forecasts regarding the project.

Industries Involved: Who Provides General studies degree jobs

General studies degree jobs are spread out over various fields:

• Government agencies
• Schools, colleges, and universities
• Social services
• Editing and publishing
• Franchises

A general studies student is well versed and prepared for taking on almost every art based occupation provided that they obtain further certification for it as required. But general studies are a field of study for people who are not really sure what field they want to go ahead with at the moment.

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