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College Application Process


The Application Process

Right after when one is done with their schooling, the most important task that a student needs to undertake is seek for admission to a good and reputed college. When it comes to applying for admission, it may feel like a daunting task for many especially if, they have no proper guidance to follow. However, most students are guided by their elder siblings, adults or school teachers with the process of college admission, but then there are few things that one needs to manage on their own.

Speaking about college admission, the very first thing that one is required to do is decide on the course or degree that they would like to pursue depending on which one needs to select the right college. A particular course or degree can be offered by several colleges but a student is required to choose the best out of the lot. However, one also needs to have good grades or cut off percentage in order to get admitted to a college. Once the selection of a college is done one is required to get started with the application process and complete it before the prescribed deadline. In this article, we are going to look into the various steps of the college application process.

A step by step guide to the college application process- The steps to the college application process include:

1. Fill out the application form: The first step to begin with any admission process is to fill out the application form. This is considered to be one of the mandatory requirements that are required to be fulfilled by the candidates. If you are willing to take admission to a particular college then the first thing that you are required to do is fill out the application form correctly. The application form mainly includes your personal details like name, address, religion, etc., your high school grades along with extracurricular activities that you have participated in. You are required to provide all the correct details about yourself in the application form which is why it is considered important for one to revise the form before, submitting it. The application form can be filled both online and offline. It mainly depends on what the college has arranged for the candidates.

2. Write the admission essay: When it comes to applying for admission to a college you are required to write an admission essay. Generally, you will be provided with a plenty of ideas from your school itself. However, you are required to be prepared for the unexpected as well. Certain colleges also allow you to choose a topic of your own choice. This is where you are required to show off your writing skills in order to impress the college authorities. No matter what topic you may choose or have been provided with making sure that you write it to the point. Before submitting the essay you are also required to proofread it in order to figure out any mistakes made by you. A piece of advice that you can follow is that you should write the essay carefully and with full concentration.

3. Prepare for the entrance exam: Certain colleges are also known to have entrance exams for the students where they are required to sit for an exam in order to get admission in the college. If the college that you have chosen has an entrance exam then, you are required to prepare for it. If you are unable to crack the entrance exam then you cannot join the college of your dreams. However, this particular rule is not followed by all the colleges. The entrance exam is conducted on the very subject that you are going to pursue in the coming years in the college. This entrance exam is conducted in order to check your ability and knowledge about the subject that you have taken.

4. Gather supplemental materials: supplemental materials are known to include items such as a portfolio of your work that you may have done in your high school career. In most cases, supplemental materials are known to help with your admission. However one needs to be aware of the fact that it can also have a negative impact on your admission at times. Therefore you are required to consider the supplemental materials carefully that you are going to provide during your admission time.
There also colleges that stress on the need for a recommendation letter. Recommendation letter can only be provided by your high school teachers or your principal who are well acquainted with your work. However, you can also manage to get a recommendation letter from your coaches, community service organizers, and Church leaders. In fact, it can also be provided by adults who can attest work ethics and skills.

4. Interview for admission (if needed): some colleges are known to organize foreign interview session for the students during the time of admission. However, this rule is not followed for undergraduate admissions. If by chance you are met with such a requirement then it is absolutely important for you to prepare for it seriously. Taking your admission interview for granted can only affect your admission to the college.

5. Receive your acceptance letter: one needs to realize that even if they have received an acceptance letter from college the process of college application still not over. Once you have set your mind to join a particular college you are required to ley your school knows the college that you have decided to join. Once that is done there will be more paperwork for you to take care of. However, it is the responsibility of your school to send you all the paperwork and information that is needed.

With the help of the steps mentioned above once can easily complete their college application process. One important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that it is a one-time process and therefore, you are required to take it seriously. One single mistake could cost you your admission.

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