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Best study skills to keep in mind


The Best study skills to keep in mind so you can succeed

How important is getting good grades? Very, right? Well, it is not just for you but millions of students out there they miss out on this field, education. There are different types of students, the nerd, the athlete, and the average. Sometimes, there is a nerd stuck in an athlete’s place while there is an athlete stuck in the latter. The variations are vast, and the differences are major. However, end of the semester it all sums up to who gets the better grade. While some have the art of studying chalked up in their minds, there are plenty who struggle to strike the perfect balance between studying and other things that include extra curriculum activities.

To help out those people who are struggling to bring it all together, we have brought together a few of ways to brush up your study skills. This way, you will get a head start and know what needs to be done and what needs to be kept at bay. For, many of us spend at least a day composing us to-be routine until the exams come to an end. Therefore, instead of beating around the bush, let’s just get to the point.

 Effective practices that will help you get good grades are as follows:

a. Proper planning

Get a homework planner and chalk out your daily routine. Note down your assignments, homework, projects, class tests, etc. This way you will know when is what and help you cut out a time frame for each of these so that you can have more time to study than to waste. For, when we do not have a time period chalked out for our activities, we get lethargic and often get nothing out of them. Planning your activities beforehand is very important.

b. Pay attention

We cannot blame you or ourselves for losing out our precious time when our mind is wandering here and there. For, we often daydream during our classes. However, if you ever pay attention to your class teacher’s you will notice that there is a lot of information being delivered by them. They offer perks and tips on how to work on an assignment, how to go ahead easily in Calculus, etc. Therefore, listen to what your teacher has to say and then try understanding it. this way, you will be halfway there.

c. Keep your distractions at bay

Well, this needn’t need any mentioning, for our parents have always been saying this since our self-study days. It is very important to steer clear of any distractions. To keep distractions at bay requires two simple steps. First, know what are the main distractions that consume a lot of time. Second, keep them away or put a timer to it. with the current generation being exposed to the maximum distraction of the century, it is really important to know your way out of it.

d. Take notes

We have already mentioned, that paying attention in class during lecture is very important. Also, it is for the best if you could grow the habit of noting down the important parts. Usually, the important parts of a particular subject are pre-told by the teachers so that students know what is of utmost importance. Therefore, keep tabs on what they say and note it down.

e. Ask questions

There are many students (introverts), who fails to muster up the courage to ask questions in class. It comes with the fear of being judged by your fellow pupils, it makes them feel inferior. Also, another fear that students have is what if the teacher calls out on you and has a field day for disrupting the class. Well, let it be clear from now on, teachers are to teach us, to clear our doubts. Therefore, if you do not ask them for help you will be a loss. Instead, ask them about your doubts and get a clearer picture of what is not working out for you.

f. Study with a group

Before the examinations come knocking on our doors, talk to your classmates and make a group of few who would be interested in Group Studies. This method of studying is very helpful. For, if a teacher is not available or present to clear your immediate doubts, you can discuss it with the group and someone might come up with the accurate answer. It is called a team effort when one person needs to help the others try and get the answer. It works out well for all of them and not just the person who needs the doubts to be cleared.

g. Study smart

We often tend to study hard and end up with bad grades. It confuses us as to how could it be possible, for you had studied hard? Well, the problem is not how much you are studying, its how you are studying. Please note, that it is better to study smartly than to study hard. Know what is needed, what is important and know how to steer through it instead of mugging up the entire book. That way, you will be writing everything and not what actually needs to be written.

Well, that is all of it. These are the most effective ways to study for a test or prepare for the finals beforehand so that in the end you do not have to struggle with the truckload of the syllabus.

In addition to the effective practices, we have few tips to your avail on how to study. Well, obviously you would know what is best for you, however, we know how to push it a little further.

 Effective tips to study better, for better results:

i. When you sit to study, make sure you find a quiet place to do so. This way, there will be no distractions of any kind.

ii. Do not pull an all-nighter. Study as much as you can and then sleep right away without spending time on your phone or elsewhere. Sleeping right after you study helps retain information better.

iii. If you are active in the learning process, recite the materials studied, aloud. It stays in our memory.

iv. If you are prone to examination anxiety, then over-learning is the key to solve it. it helps you navigate your mind during the test.

v. Set a goal, challenge yourself to complete the goals.

Well, to sum it up, we feel there is a lot more when it comes to learning. You need to keep the above mentioned tips and trick in mind and go ahead with the process. Learn well.

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