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Best Practical Excuses to Get Out Of Work


Work and stress are an indispensable part of our life that is going to stay along as long as we live. With that being said, there are often days when working seems like a too exhausting task to handle. It’s not just about every day that you feel like this, it could be just one day. Getting a break from the monotonous routine of work is sometimes all that you need. But, much like everyone else, it is hard to seek permission for a leave, isn’t it? And to top it off, if you have a beef with your boos, then its impossible to get a leave.

But, don’t worry, we got you! In this article, we are going to be sharing some of the most effective yet practical lists of excuses people might use to get out of work for a day or two.

“I have got to attend the driving course”

Now, driving courses are one of the best excuses you can use. If you are a novice driver who has either just got their license or is still struggling to get their hands steady, this is the excuse for you. Just tell your boss that you need off work because you need to attend the course class. This kind of excuse is also very effective for workers whose job has a direct correlation with driving or something as such.

Since these courses are preplanned, make sure to tell your boss beforehand. Don’t just pull it off of the thin air because that’ll definitely seed suspicion.

“I have some family emergencies”

This is one of the most common, if not the most. While your boss is most likely going to be very skeptical and inquisitive, trust us, it does work. Nobody has the reign to deny you your much needed leave if you have someone close in the family rushed to the hospital. No one is that heartless to question every single prospect, now, is it?

When you mention “personal reasons”, it is most likely that your boss won’t poke much into the matter. But, if you have a nosey boss, chances are that they’ll try and tear apart every aspect. Be affirmed with a story and don’t get confused.

“I burned myself”

This is one of those excuses that tend to be very effective for “last minute” situations. Say, you have an impromptu trip to attend, this excuse works like butter. Unless you have pulled this card before, you can use it to actually get off of work easily.

Just let your boss know that you splattered oil all over yourself while cooking breakfast. The outcome? You need to push yourself to the E.R to get everything checked out. This is definitely going to help you a whole lot. With all that being said, make sure to arrive at the office with bandages the next day.

“My dog needs to be taken to the vet”

If you are a pet owner and your boss is an animal lover, you got it all sorted out for you. The excuse of taking your pet to the vet for an emergency is actually a very effective one. If you don’t have a pet, just phone in and say that you found an abandoned puppy. Your boss will understand that taking them to the vet is a priority. Take advantage of that situation.

Only a cruel and heartless person will actually end up denying your leave. Make sure to be very persistent, rushed and emotional while conveying the message to convince your boss.

“I have some Kids emergency”

This excuse is a life saviour for parents who work. If you are tired of balancing both work and house and want a break, use your kids. The array of excuses can literally be anything. It could be about your kid being sick or even some emergency at their school. The range of excuses when you have kids is surplus, so use them.

Make sure to sound convincing because that is what will persuade your boss. Don’t sound casual, sound a bit panicked and restless and that should do the trick.

“The snow is too deep to drive”

Snow could also be a potent saviour. After all, nobody likes to go out to work in the freezing weather, now, do they? This is exactly where you need to get this sorted. Your boss is not going to come around your house, so plant the seed. Phone into the office and mention that you have been snowed in.

Let your boss know that you have called the salters and it will take time to get everything sorted. This excuse actually does work beautifully and very effectively. Even your boss will understand the extremities of the circumstance.

“I have a severe migraine”

Now, migraine headaches are no joke. They can literally make you feel like you are dying inside. And the same can actually work as one of the most amazing excuses to get out of work as well. This is a very common and plausible reason you could use to get off work. It works amazingly because everyone sympathizes with the headaches the people suffer from.

Your boss might even ask you to take an extra day off, in case it gets worse. Side note, don’t exploit this excuse and use it on frequent intervals because then it becomes redundant.

“My car broke down”

Another convincing excuse is to mention to your boss that your car broke down in the middle of the road. This is very effective because it’s actually practical. Nothing about this is shady or fake because it could happen to anyone.

Tell your boss that you are waiting for the car to get picked up for servicing and that you can’t make it today. As easy and simple as that.

Making excuses here and there is fine, more than fine rather. It is not every day that a person likes to work which is why you can use one of these. Pick the one you feel would fit your situation and just get it going.

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